Split 96-key Keyboard Kit


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*Note: Keycaps in pictures not included in kit. Kit requires soldering.

Software for programming keyboard layouts:

For Windows: BootmapperClient
For Mac: BootmapperClient Mac

This is a 96 key split keyboard kit featuring:

  • Macro key columns on left side of keyboard
  • Aluminum feet to angle the board for optimum typing comfort
  • Staggered layout board can be used split apart or as a one-piece keyboard
  • Supports in switch LEDs (note, short leg of LED goes in square hole of PCB, see markings on PCB for clarification.
  • Built in RGB underglow LEDs on PCB
  • 3 notification LEDs (Scroll lock, Num lock, Caps lock)
  • Completely customizable keyboard layout, backlight, and underglow LEDs using BootMapperClient

Kit comes with:

  • Acrylic case layers and all standoffs and screws required to assemble case
  • PCB
  • 5 genuine Cherry PCB-mount stabilizers
  • 3 notification LEDs
  • 4 aluminum feet with rubber tips to angle the board
  • Male-Male mini-USB Cable to connect two halves of the board. Approx 12 in. (30.5 cm) long.

Kit does not include but requires:

  • Mini usb cable to USB-A to connect board to computer
    Available: HERE
  • 96 MX style mechanical switches
    All switches sold in our store are compatible: Purchase Switches
  • 96 in-switch LEDs
    1.8mm LEDs available: HERE
    3mm LEDs available: HERE
  • Soldering to solder switches and LEDs into PCB
  • Keycaps

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