We ship all orders from New York, US.
Orders are usually shipped the next day after an order is placed for orders placed before 6pm Eastern Time.
We do not ship on weekends.

Once an order has been shipped, a tracking number will automatically be sent to the email you provided during checkout. Please note that the most common error for not receiving a tracking number is due to providing an incorrect email to us. You can check this by logging into your account and checking the email on file. If you supplied an incorrect email during checkout, please open a support ticket with us by logging into your account on our website and let us know your correct email address.

Domestic US Shipping
Keyboards are shipped with USPS Priority Mail and arrive within 2-3 days.
All other items are shipped USPS First Class and usually arrive between 3-5 days.

Canadian Shipping
Canadian shipping usually arrives within 3-5 days.

International Shipping
We ship internationally all over the world!
To check the cost for shipping internationally, place the items you would like to purchase into your cart and then on the cart page, scroll to the bottom and enter your shipping destination. Shipping cost will then be calculated for you.

Shipping times for international orders vary, but usually take between 5-9 days for most countries except for Canada, which is usually faster (see above).
Note: South Africa has notoriously slow customs processing, sometimes taking over 2-3 months to process packages. If you live in South Africa and wish to purchase from us without waiting for several months, please contact us to arrange for shipment by courier rather than post.

Please keep in mind that you may be required by your country’s customs to pay import duties. You are responsible for paying any import duties that your country may assign to you.

Please note that for Anne Pro 2 international shipments, we are charged $10 USD for return shipments by the service we use for shipping. Therefore, for shipments that are returned to us due to being unclaimed by the recipient at customs, we reserve the right to deduct $10 USD as well as the original shipping cost paid during time of order from the total that is to be refunded.

Notes for certain countries:

Germany: German customs has been known to be fairly slow processing packages through their facilities. While they sometimes process packages within a few days, there have been instances where they take up to 3 weeks to move a package through their facilities. Once a package has arrived to Germany as shows by tracking number status, please allow up to 3 weeks processing time before opening a support ticket with us. If you have not received your package after this time, please let us know.

Mexico: Please read above regarding German customs. The same situation applies to Mexican customs.

Korean Shipping

Korean emails using Naver (ending with @naver.com domain) have blocked almost every single email provider that we have attempted to use to send tracking, due to Korean censorship. Therefore we suggest providing an email during checkout using another email provider if you wish to receive a tracking number by email.