NIZ Atom66 Bluetooth RGB Electro-Capacitative Keyboard with 2019 New Updated Switches


45g dome sheets available: HERE 

55g dome sheets available (needs to be trimmed to fit): HERE

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  • PBT White and Gray Keycaps
  • Newly-released updated switches
  • Can be used wirelessly over bluetooth and wired over USB-C
  • Electrocapacitative keyboard (Like Topre)
  • Pre-installed silencing rings
  • Self-lubricating POM sliders
  • Double kickstand for a total of 3 possible typing angles
  • USB-C connection (comes with USB-C cable)
  • Reprogrammable layout and macro recording
  • Programmable RGB backlighting
  • 35g domes

The newly updated Atom66 features:

  • Updated bluetooth module with decreased latency
  • Retooled aluminum alloy plate for increased rigidity
  • Retooled switch stem and housing with improved structure and material quality
    1. Water resistant switches and plate prevent damage from accidental spills
    2. Retooled stem and housing have increased precision of movement and decreased wobble

The Atom 66 has the best of both worlds. It comes with Topre-like capacitative domes which make that clean “thock” as you press down, yet also comes with MX keycap compatible stems so that you can use this keyboard with a variety of keycap sets out there. In addition, it comes with a rounded spacebar which provides maximum comfort while hitting the spacebar- no painful edges to hit your finger on. (see last pic)


Companion Software and Firmware Update as well as instruction manuals:

Atom66 BLE RGB Firmware and Software 05.10.2019


The keyboard has two modes called “Office” mode and “Program” mode.
Press and hold the right “Fn” button and F12 for about 2 seconds to toggle these two modes.
While in “Office” mode, the keyboard uses the default layout as programmed from the factory, and this layout is unchangable.
In “Program” mode, it uses the user defined layout as made through the programming software.
You can tell which mode it is in after pressing “Fn+F12” by looking at the LED under F12 key. If it lights up for 2 seconds and shuts off, then the keyboard is in “Office” mode. If it stays lit for 10 seconds and then shuts off, it is in “Program” mode.

When using the programming software to change the layout of the board, it doesn’t matter what mode you are in when writing a user-defined layout to the board. However, if you are in “Office” mode when you read the key layout from the software, it will only show you the “Office” default layout. If you switch to “Program” mode, it will display the layout that you made on the onscreen keyboard.

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