NIZ Atom66 Bluetooth RGB Electro-Capacitative Keyboard


45g dome sheets available: HERE 

55g dome sheets available (needs to be trimmed to fit): HERE




  • PBT White and Gray Keycaps
  • Can be used wirelessly over bluetooth and wired over USB-C
  • Electro-Capacitative keyboard (Like Topre)
  • Pre-installed silencing rings
  • Self-lubricating POM sliders
  • USB-C connection (comes with USB-C cable)
  • Reprogrammable layout and macro recording
  • Optional Programmable RGB backlighting.
  • 35g domes

The Atom 66 has the best of both worlds. It comes with Topre-like capacitative domes which  make that clean “thock” as you press down, yet also comes with MX keycap compatible stems so that you can use this keyboard with a variety of keycap sets out there. In addition, it comes with a rounded spacebar which provides maximum comfort while hitting the spacebar- no painful edges to hit your finger on. (see last pic)


Companion Software and Firmware Update as well as instruction manuals:

Atom66 BLE Non-RGB Firmware and Software

Atom66 BLE RGB Firmware and Software

Additional information

Weight 1024 g

Bluetooth, Bluetooth + RGB Backlighting


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