[Limited Edition] Lofree x B.Duck Dot Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard 3-piece set


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Meet the result of the new Lofree x B.duck collaboration. The classic Lofree Dot bluetooth mechanical keyboard has gotten a makeover with the cute cute bright colors of Asia’s favorite iconic rubber ducky.

3-piece set includes:

  • B.Duck Dot Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard
  • Right-angled USB cable
  • Palm rest
  • Dual-sided reversible keyboard deskmat

Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

The keyboard features 79 keys with n-key rollover so you press down as many keys down together as you need. A 6 degree incline makes the keyboard provides comfort for those extended typing sessions.

The 4000 mAh battery in combination with a smart sleep mode means that the keyboard can go for months* without charging while using it over bluetooth.
*without backlighting

A matching right-angle USB cable makes using the keyboard over a wired connection equally convenient.

Reversible deskmat measures 900 x 320mm (35.4 x 12.6in) and features a beautiful bright yellow on one side for those bright cheerful days, and a black and white pattern imprinted backside for color contrast. No matter which side you choose, its bound to make your desk look perfect.


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