1.8mm Switch LEDs (Set of 110)




These LEDs are for installing into switches which support the addition of backlight LEDs.

They are compatible with Cherry MX, clear-top Gateron, Kailh Speed, and most other MX type switches.

All LEDs are 1.8mm in size.

*Note: Long leg of LED is positive, short leg is negative. By convention, the square pad on a PCB is positive, so the long leg should be inserted into the square pad. Some PCBs may be different, so test with one LED first to make sure it works before installing all of them.

Additional information

Weight 18 g

1.8mm White, 1.8mm Orange, 1.8mm Blue, 1.8mm Yellow, 1.8mm Emerald, 1.8mm Red, 1.8 Fluorescent Green


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