Mitosis Wireless Split Ergonomic Keyboard w/ Acrylic Case

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Mitosis Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard:

This is the Mitosis Wireless Split Ergonomic Keyboard with Acrylic Case.

Keyboard comes pre-assembled.
*Keycaps are not included

The Mitosis was designed by /u/reverse_bias (Reddit).

It features a design where each full keyboard set uses 4 pcbs- 2 for the actual pcbs of the keyboard, and two with switch holes broken out to act as the plate.

Both halves of the board communicate wirelessly over nRF protcol with the receiver which contains a pro micro flashed with the QMK firmware. The Mitosis firmware has already been included into the default QMK firmware: Github

The keyboard comes preflashed with a basic keymap that contains all needed key functions for typing, but if you wish to have

To change the keymap for the keyboard, a you simply flash a new QMK hex file to the pro micro on the receiver. Wireless firmware does not need to be modified.

Each half of the keyboard is powered by a CR2032 battery.

PCB color is white.

The acrylic case is clear acrylic.



What’s Included:

  • Mitosis Keyboard
  • Receiver Module
  • Acrylic Case w/standoffs and screws
  • 3M Rubber Bumpons/Feet
  • 2x CR2032 Batteries
  • ST-Link v2 to flash the wireless module firmware (firmware will come preflashed and should not need to be modified in normal circumstances. The ST-Link v2 is for in case you choose to modify the wireless firmware)


***Keycaps are not included***
You will need a micro USB cable to plug the receiver into a computer.



For an updated version of the wireless firmware that fixes some battery issues, try flashing the precompiled hex files here: Github

Note: All of our Mitosis shipped out as of 2/20/18 have the new wireless firmware flashed.

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