Wurkkos TS10 – The Perfect EDC Flashlight

Wurkkos TS10 EDC Flashlight with aux LED

Wurkkos TS10 – An EDC flashlight made for the fans

Wurkkos TS10 EDC Flashlight with aux LED

The Wurkkos TS10 EDC is an ultra-compact rechargable flashlight with auxiliary LEDs that offer a surprising amount of illumination. This light may be small, but it’s a force to be reckoned with for its affordability, utility and ease of use.

The Wurkkos TS10 EDC flashlight is the product of bringing together the ideal features desired by the flashlight enthusiast community. It combines three 90 CRI CSP LED emitters to provide a max output of 1200 lumens. It also features three single color aux LEDs in various colors for a beautiful aesthetic and easy locating in the dark. It is powered by one 14500 Li-Ion battery and is optimized for cold weather use. The body is constructed from aerospace grade aluminum alloy for optimum heat exchange and also has rubber gaskets to seal off openings, allowing it to have an IPX-8 waterproof rating.

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Wurkkos TS10 – The LED Emitters

Wurkkos TS10 EDC Flashlight 3 LEDs

The Wurkkos TS10 has 3 CSP LED emitters that have a combined 1200 lumen output.
It also features a high 90 CRI which ensures that the the objects you see look as realistic as possible. What is CRI you ask? Color Reproducibility Index (CRI) is a measurement of the color accuracy of a light source. A light source with a high CRI will more accurately portray colors in comparison to a light source with a low CRI. The CRI determines how well colors are displayed under the light source. The CRI scale ranges from 0-100. Where above 90 is considered to be very good.


Wurkkos TS10 EDC Flashlight Battery
The Wurkkos TS10 flashlight has a rechargeable battery, which means you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries or going out to buy new ones when they run out. The internal battery will hold its charge for up to one year when not in use. This makes it ideal for those who don’t use their flashlights often, but still want the peace of mind that it will work when needed most. The 14500 Li-ion battery needs to be charged externally, however, so you will need a charger that is capable of charging lithium ion batteries. If you plan on getting into the hobby of flashlights, this is a common requirement for many different kinds of flashlights, so you might as well get a good charger now.


The TS10 EDC is made of high-quality materials and can be used in various environments. It’s waterproof, so you don’t have worry about being caught in the rain while using it. It has an IPX-8 waterproof rating. I wouldn’t suggest repeatedly submerging the flashlight underwater for extended periods of time, but this flashlight can be used in rain, snow and rinsed off for cleaning without any issues whatsoever.

Auxiliary LEDs

Auxiliary LEDs have been a more recent trend among features desired by the flashlight enthusiast community. One might ask what why you would even want auxiliary LEDs, given the fact that they’re not bright enough to serve the functions of the main LED emitters to illuminate your surroundings. The main appeal of auxiliary LEDs is that it just simply add to the aesthetics of the flashlight. This might seem strange, considering that it’s just a flashlight, but for those of us in the flashlight enthusiast community… our hobby already consists of amassing as large of a flashlight collection as possible, so worrying what other people think is the least of our worries. In addition, if you’re going to have a large collection on your shelf, they might as well look good. The AUX LEDs also serve the purpose of making it easy to locate the flashlight in the dark. Considering that you would use a flashlight because you need more light, it makes sense that it the object that is being used as a tool to create light, should be easy to locate in the dark.

Configurable firmware

Wurkkos TS10 EDC Flashlight Anduril 2

The Wurkkos TS10 uses Anduril 2 firmware which offers a variety of different flashlight modes and also excellent thermal regulation. If you know how to program and tinker with electronics, it is even possible to reflash the flashlight with custom versions of Anduril 2 to offer different kinds of functionality and lighting modes that are not available in the default Anduril 2 firmware.

The Verdict

Wurkkos TS10 EDC Flashlight LEDs on bright

Overall, this is the perfect flashlight for a variety of situations and has a lot of desired features that a flashlight should have such as compact size, aux LEDs, high lumen output, as well as Anduril 2 customizable firmware.

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