What is so special about mechanical keyboards?

The GK64XS hotswap keyboard

You might have come here looking for more information about mechanical keyboards because you keep on seeing more and more people with them, especially gamers, but you’re wondering: What is so special about mechanical keyboards anyways?

Mechanical keyboards are more like the typewriters of the olden days in that they rely on actual, physical movement to register key presses. This leads to a couple of big benefits. First, they tend to offer more precise input overall. Second, it makes them much more satisfying to type on than your average membrane keyboard.

They’re also customizable. A lot of mechanical keyboards allow for the customization and swapping out of individual keycaps and switches, allowing you to customize your keyboard for your needs. With the wide amount of keycap and switch types out there, a mechanical keyboard allows one to take what normally would just be a computer input device and turn it into a form of self-expression.

They’re also much easier to repair. If a key on a mechanical keyboard stops working, it’s usually trivial to unplug it and plug in a new one — no soldering required as long as you’ve got a hotswap mechanical keyboard. You can’t do that on a laptop keyboard, or most other rubber membrane keyboards either for that matter.

Finally — and this is an entirely subjective factor — a lot of people prefer that clicking sound when typing on a mechanical keyboard. If you like making a lot of noise when you type (and don’t have neighbors or coworkers who will complain about it), this can be another benefit. There’s actually an entire

Here at Flashquark, we really believe that mechanical keyboards are so much better than your standard rubber membrane keyboard that comes with your computer. It might involves spending a bit more money than you’re used to on a keyboard, but the benefits become instantly obvious after you’ve used a mechanical keyboard for the first time.

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