Magnetic Detachable Micro USB Cable (WSKEN Mini 2 Brand)


Comes with 1 micro USB head. To purchase additional heads, click here: Addon micro USB head

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Package includes:

-Magnetic charging/data transfer cable (3 ft length)

-1 Magnetic micro USB Head

-Prying tool


This is an authentic WSKEN Mini 2 brand magnetic detachable micro USB cable similar in function to the Macbook Mag-Safe charger.

The magnetic detachable charging cable provides both data transfer as well as power from your computer to your mechanical keyboard.

The magnetic detachable head ensures that your USB cable head as well as your keyboard’s USB port are not damaged in case the cable is bent, pulled, or forced in any way.

Using a magnetic detachable cable also prevents damage to and eventual loosening of a keyboard’s USB port from frequently plugging and unplugging a USB cable into it.

WSKEN branded magnetic micro USB cables are considered to be some of the highest quality of magnetic micro USB cables available. In reviews and testing of different magnetic micro USB cables, they have been repeatedly found to provide the strongest magnetic connection while allowing for the least drop in voltage from the original power source.

Have a look at testing done on different magnetic micro-USB cables and how WSKEN compares here:


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