Silencing Rings – Rubber O-Ring Dampeners – 1.5mm


-Pack of 104 o-ring dampeners

-1.5mm thickness



Pack of 104 o-ring dampeners – Comes in clear, red, yellow, blue, purple, or neon green colors

1.5mm thickness


If you’re one of those aggressive typers who bottoms out every single keypress, you probably annoy all of the people around you who don’t understand your undying love for mech keyboards.

One of the main sources of “annoyance” is the “clack” sound that a keyboard makes when a keycap hits the top of the switch housing.

O-ring dampeners can be placed onto the stem of mechanical keyboard keycaps in order to dampen the sound of the “clack.” In addition, it can reduce finger fatigue from bottoming out repeatedly.

Additional information

Weight 5 g

Blue, Red, Clear, Yellow, Neon Green, Purple


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