KC21 Mechanical Numpad


Does not include Mini USB cable or keycaps.

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The KC21 Mechanical Numpad is a sleek numpad in a transparent acrylic case.

It has 21 keys consisting of the standard 17 key numpad as well as 4 functions keys in the top row.

The numpad actually outputs numpad codes, which is important for purposes such as inputting special characters (Alt-codes)

The numpad supports backlight in-switch LEDs as well as RGB Underglow SMD LEDs.

Uses Mini USB Cable *not included

Purchase Mini-USB cable here: Mini-USB Cable

See LED Colors here: LED Colors

*Keycaps not included

Purchase Keycaps here: Numpad Keycaps



The Fully-Assembled Kit includes:

  • Acrylic Case
  • Plate, PCB, Rubber Feet
  • Plate Mounted Cherry stabilizers
  • Plate screw
  • In-switch backlight LEDS
  • Underglow SMD LEDs
  • Choice of switches from the order options above*Keycaps not included


LED functionality is changed with the following keys:

  • LED Mode: FN+F5
  • Decrease Intensity: Fn+”-“
  • Increase Intensity: Fn+”+”
  • Rate Decrease: Fn+”2″
  • Rate Increase: Fn+”8″.

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