Hi-Chew – Fizzies – Cola/Orange Soda Flavor


Contains ~17 chews

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WARNING – These are more addictive than mechanical keyboards.

Hi-Chew in new Fizzies – Cola/Orange Soda flavors!

Hi-Chew is one of the tastiest candies you will ever lay your tongue on.
Made by Japanese company Morinaga, it’s a candy that is halfway between a gummy and a fruit chew.
What does that mean? Well, its chewy like a fruit chew, yet it has a bounce-back kind of texture that is reminiscent of gummy bears.

The flavor is also way more intense than a regular fruit chew. It kind of hits you in a way that you don’t expect if you’ve never tried this candy before. I am not exaggerating this at all- get a bag to try for yourself and you’ll understand what I mean.

Great for snacking on while you’re pulling an all-nighter assembling that new mech keyboard kit!

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