Green train Cherry Profile PBT Keycaps (167 keys)


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  • Cherry Profile
  • Dyesubbed
  • PBT Plastic
  • 167 keys (Check last image for description of keycaps available)
  • Comes with all-metal keycap puller

Green Train is a Cherry Profile dyesubbed keycap set inspired by the Chinese green trains which operated from the 1950s – 1980s.


green train front

Although slow as hell, these “green-skinned” trains, as affectionately called by the Chinese, were cheap to ride and offered people a chance to sit back from their busy daily lives. There was plenty of time to converse with family, play board games, or make new friends aboard the train.


These trains have now long since been replaced by modern technology such as bullet trains, but the Chinese people still think fondly of these green trains as the symbol of a past where life was not so much about a race to buy a car, house, Beijing hukou, and xiao san, but rather about just being happy with what you had.

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Weight 430 g


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