1. Once you are ready to flash your hex file onto the AMJ40, unzip the “amj40 flash tool” zip file you downloaded earlier.
  2. Make sure that your AMJ40 keyboard is plugged into your computer via USB cable. Then in the  folder you unzipped, go to the “tool” folder and open the program “zadig_2.1.2” and click “Install Driver”
  3. Then, in the “windows” folder one level above the “tool” folder, double-click “setup.bat”
  4. When prompted with “Please enter a number:” type 6 for “Amj40_v1.0.1” and press enter.
  5. When prompted with “Do you want to reselect?” Type “n” on your keyboard to select no.
  6. When prompted with “Select a firmware for your keyboard” Type 1 and press enter.
  7. When prompted with “Select bootloader of your keyboard:” Type 1 and press enter. It will say “Your config has been saved.”
  8. Now, with your AMJ40 keyboard plugged into your computer, drag the hex file you built earlier on top of the reflash.bat file. A command prompt will open up.
  9. When prompted with “Do you want to continue?” type “y” for yes and it will display “Waiting for Bootloader…”
  10. Press the “Reset” button underneath your AMJ40 and the hex file will automatically begin flashing onto the board. When it displays “Success!” the flashing process has completed.
Congrats, you have flashed the AMJ40. For a video walkthrough of these procedures, you can watch: Video Walkthrough Back to: Building the firmware