DareU EK820 Bluetooth 68- Key Mechanical Keyboard w/Kailh Low-profile Switches


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-DareU EK820 wireless bluetooth keyboard

-USB cable


English Instruction Manual: DareU EK820 Manual


The DareU EK820 is a 68-key wireless bluetooth mechanical keyboard which uses the all-new Kailh low profile “Choc” mechanical keyboard switches in either blue switch or red switch models. The DareU EK820 has an extremely low-profile and streamlined design with extremely thin bezels, a chrome trim around the entire keyboard, and a total height of 22.5 mm. The board has flip-out legs on the back which can raise the angle of board orientation.

The new Kailh low-profile “Choc” switches provide a typing feel reminicent of laptop scissor switches, with a short travel distance and crisp, firm keypress. Blue switches are clicky and contain a clickbar to generate to click, similar to that of Kailh Box White or Kailh Bronze switches. Red low profile switches are linear.

Kailh Blue low-profile switches: clicky – 50 gram keypress force

Kailh Red low-profile switches: linear – 50 grams keypress force

Notable Features:

1. Dual Wired/Wireless Modes: Can be used either in wired mode for charging or if there are concerns about latency (i.e. Gaming) as well as in wireless bluetooth mode for convenience and mobility. Note: backlighting only works in wired mode for battery conservation. Bluetooth supports Bluetooth 4.0 for low power consumption.

2. Beautiful Backlighting: Has bright, teal-colored backlighting when board is used in wired mode with multiple lighting modes.

3. Long battery life: The board comes with a 300 mAh battery which can power the keyboard in bluetooth mode for up to 40 hours per charge. Charging time is approximately 3 hours.

4. Multiple Device Memory: The board can store up to 5 different connection profiles for each of use and fast switching between different devices. Connection profiles can be switched through the use of function keys. The board supports Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS

5. Extremely low profile body: The board has a total height of 22.5mm with an extremely sleek, streamlined design.


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Switch Color

Red (Linear), Blue (Clicky)

Case Color

Black, Silver